Free ink brush pen

For several years, Calypso sought to develop a pen with a liquid ink cartridge and a brush applicator in addition to its felt-tip pen product range.

Several Asian manufacturers offered it but there was no European solution available. This type of product is made up of many parts, which explains its high price. In addition, it requires a great understanding of inks because it does not offer natural capillarity unlike felt-tip pens. It therefore tends to discharge.

After intensively testing several packaging, we ended up finding one that gave us complete satisfaction. So, in 2019, we decided to build an automatic conditioning machine for this pen. Production began in the spring of 2020, with one million pieces produced this very first year.

This pen, also named "brush pen", can be supplied with different types of brushes (pointed or oval) but also with a felt-tip applicator in the shape of a four-branched fork for the eyebrows.

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