• Slim Eyeliner Black

    Intensity, ease of use, reliability and durability We supply a range of carbon black eyeliners, whose technology is based on controlling the sedimentation of the black pigment, as well as perfect mastery of the physicochemical parameters of the ink in relation to the porosity and density of the filter cartridge and the applicator. Our basic formula consists of a treated non-nano carbon black. Our products range from a choice of long-lasting to waterproof formulas and...

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  • Slim Eye & Lip Liners

    Long-lasting colour for the eyes and lips Our elegant eye and lip pens have been developed using a well-tried and tested liquid formula that aims at reducing dehydration of the lips, avoiding bleeding and smudging and guaranteeing colour stability and a long-lasting effect. Their felt tip allows extremely precise application. The collection includes over 30 shades that are regularly supplemented with new colours. The collection also includes a corrector pen (white body,...

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  • Jumbo Lip Balm Pen

    Historic To address our customer’s needs and the market’s trend, we have launched in 2013 a jumbo pen for the lips make-up. This pen benefit of our range of formulations and colors developed for our eye and lipliners.

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  • Corrector Pen

    Our corrector pen allows you to remove completely or partly a make-up draw precisely and smoothly. Its formulation has been developed specially for our long lasting eye and lipliner colors. It is also available with a white body and a less dirtying black nib

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